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Folkestone Harbour Railway Ltd

Core Route (Park and Ride - Harbour - Leas Lifts)

The most frequent service will link a long stay "Park and Ride" with the Harbour and the "Leas Lifts" from where the lifts will convey passengers to the Leas and Town Centre or walking access to the award winning Coastal Park.   There will be a stop at "East Cliff" (which will be a passing place for the tram-trains) before crossing the harbour as single track to enable the viaduct to accommodate a fenced 3m wide footpath to be installed next to the railway (tram-train vehicles being narrower than mainline railway coaches).

At the south end of the viaduct the track would enter “shared space” and initially follow the present heavy rail for a short distance before turning sharply westward to pass south of the preserved Harbour Master’s House into the south side of Harbour Master’s Square to its next stop "Harbour".

The route would then leave the square and join Marine Parade where it would become double track to blend with the traffic flow and allow services to pass, finally ending opposite the Victorian Leas Lifts for access to the town centre.

Main Line Route (Park and Ride - Folkestone Central)

Some services would leave the Park and Ride station in the opposite direction to the Core Route under control of a standard heavy rail signal, joining the main line via existing points, toward Folkestone Central via the Foord Viaduct. On arrival at Folkestone Central passengers will interchange for HS1 services to London as well as local services to Ashford, Tonbridge, Maidstone, Dover, Deal and Thanet.

Potential Route (Folkestone Harbour)

The development planning application does not specify any particular use for the Outer Pier, the most important military heritage area.   If coastal cruise ships and ferries are attracted then a connection to Folkestone Central would become important.   Logically this can be provided by the tram-train specifically for passengers from Boulogne having a connection with HS1 services to London in a competitive journey time to Eurostar services via Calais Fréthun.   Given a desire to retain track within the Harbour Station Street “shared space” then the route has been safeguarded by the Folkestone Harbour Company.

The Route