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Folkestone Harbour Railway Ltd


Detailed calculations are included in the Business Case, the totals are shown below: -

To and from National Rail Stations -: £650,018

Park and Ride (Rail Passengers) -: £112,335

Park and Ride (Town Visitors)-: £852,541

Local Passengers-:£304,224

Total Income-: £1,919,118

Calculations for defining income streams are taken on a basis that the line is a single travel zone and the broad itineraries are irrespective of which station the passengers travel from or to – except for those specified as being the Park and Ride or Folkestone Central (and logically beyond).   Calculations currently ignore the potential for additional traffic generated by Seafront events such as water sports or air shows.

Working with the rail franchise would be essential to maximise revenue for both and it would be useful for the business to echo the arrangement given to “Chester-le-Track”, as operator of several branch stations, for sale of through rail tickets to be available to passengers starting their journeys at the branch stations.

Revenue Costs

Detailed calculations, after initial capital investment, including some derived from experience of the Stourbridge operation are included in the Business Case, the totals are shown below: -

* This cannot currently be fully assessed at this time.

Provision of the short platforms may be via a variety of solutions including pavement height variation as required by the Seafront Development scheme.

Market Analysis









Training and Operations


Maintenance and Fuel




Gross Costs



Contingency (@20%)



Net Costs