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Folkestone Harbour Railway Ltd

Listed Building Status

English Heritage have awarded Grade II status to the viaduct and swing bridge.

Heritage buildings kindly protected by the Folkestone Harbour Company

The following buildings have been included for preservation within the Outline Development Plan: -

-        Bullion Room

-        Harbour Master's House

-        Platform Canopies

-        Signal Box

World War I Remembrance

During WWI the Outer Pier was the most important area of the harbour as from there 10.2 million troops left for Flandres and The Somme.   The Outer Pier provided one last touch with humanity before facing the horrors of war and that was the Café at which Misses Margaret Ann and Florence Augusta Jeffery, along with other volunteers, provided free tea, cakes and buns to soldiers, sailors and members of the Red Cross for which they were both awarded the Order of the British Empire, the Queen Elisabeth Medal (Belgium) and the Medal of Gratitude (France).

The exact position of the café has been questioned but when considering the two images below it can be easily identified by the pattern of harbour wall blocks, roof and access: -


We believe that Damian Collins MP has kindly sat for the photograph at a point close to where the photographer took the original photograph of the ladies.

When considering the planned National Commemorative Events then Folkestone was one of two major logistics centres (the other being Southampton) but was the only one in which the whole town became involved.   We believe that this is probably the most important structure in the entire harbour area, quite unique in history and deserves to be kept, potentially being returned to its original form for future generations.  

Protection of Heritage