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Previously unpublished photographs that are copyright of Peter Wiseman

This page is mainly a photo gallery of a period when the second swing bridge was removed and the present one rolled into place.   This took place over the weekend of 10th/12th May 1930 but the photos start whilst preparations were being made.   Some of the these bear notes made by Peter's grandfather who was the local engineer at that time.   The present bridge was designed by Conrad Gribble OBE who is noted in some of the photos.   He was Assistant Engineer, New Works and Bridges at that time but soon became Deputy Chief Civil Engineer.   He was an award winning expert in bridge engineering and represented the railways of Britain at the International Union of Railways between 1931 and 1936. He became Chairman of the British Section of the Societé des Ingénieurs Civils de France and after leaving the Southern Railway worked for the Crown Agents in Ceylon.   We believe that the swing bridge is the only example of his work remaining.   The notes, we believe, make the photos self explanatory.

The Swingbridge