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Previously unpublished photographs that are copyright of Jean Reed

These pictures follow Horsa's departure from loading to disappearing from sight on the day of the last traditional ferry departure, 31 December 1991.  It was a grey day with the sea calm and the sound of Horsa's horn, accompanied by the tolling of St Peter's Church bell, ringing out across a quiet, sombre harbour.  Amongst the passengers on this last crossing were local dignitaries, representatives of the ferry company, past masters and staff, and Father Michael Houghton of St Peter's Church.

Jean Reed has lived in Folkestone all her life and has strong family links with the town.  She remembers, as a child, watching cars being lifted off and onto the ferry boats by crane at Folkestone Harbour. In later years she frequently used the ferry service with family and friends for Continental holidays, weekend breaks, day trips and "non-landers".

Last Ferry Departure