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Folkestone Harbour Railway Ltd

Tram-trains very useful vehicles that are at home operating on short branches, rural routes, along short stretches of mainlines or along public roads. They are widely used in Continental Europe and in some UK cities but are to date really heavy rail vehicles which require overhead electrification.   The vehicles examined for Folkestone are totally British built and are almost self supporting in terms of power supply obtained via a flywheel from either an onboard engine or short sections of electrified line kept almost out of reach under platforms.   Whichever option is chosen the flywheel is speeded up whilst the vehicle is stationary and then provides power to reach the next stop.

Recommended for Folkestone

Seating layout of the recommended vehicle type for normal operations.

This layout is ideal for the "shuttle" type of service over a relatively short distance with 23 seats and room for 37 standing. There is a wheelchair space; occupation of which removes the use of three seats. If Folkestone continues to deliver popular seafront events then a larger type of tram-train might be necessary and the seating configuration for this can be seen below.

Larger Capacity Vehicle

This layout within the larger vehicle would only be required if seafront events and/or visiting commercial vessels restarted calling at the harbour.   This seating configuration has 60 seats and room for 40 standing.   There is space for two wheelchairs occupation of which would each remove the use of three seats.

The Tram-Trains