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Folkestone Harbour Railway Ltd

This project does not of itself require any commercial vessels to call at Folkestone but the absence of them reduces both the attractiveness for tourists to the area and reasons to visit.   The linking of Folkestone to Boulogne produces a continuous route along which troops in WWI passed and to which researchers, amateur genealogists and others can piece together the story.   It also increases overall benefits gained by allowing calls by coastal cruise ships.

Passenger Ferries

If a future passenger ferry can operate from the original ferry berth then the existing Tram-train schedule would allow passengers to travel from London to Boulogne in 2¾ hours with passengers making a short walk from the Tram-train's Harbour stop.   If it would be required to leave from near the lighthouse then the times would not change but some Tram-trains would carry passengers to a much closer point for their connections.

Coastal Cruise Ships

Passengers embarking and disembarking would be able to walk to the Tram-train stop at the Harbour and connect with mainline trains at Folkestone Central in the same way as ferry passengers - but more likely will choose to explore the town.

Commercial Vessels