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Folkestone Harbour Railway Ltd

As part of researching the proposed service we looked at other developments within the area and found the proposed new housing area at the present MoD Shorncliffe Barracks.   This is close to the main line railway west of Folkestone West station so we spent a short time seeing if there is any sense in a future extension to the currently proposed Tram-train service.

The most likely extension would be from Folkestone Central to the present Folkestone West station and then to new stops at Cheriton which would give close access to local shops and then, after curving left to the centre of the Shorncliffe Development.

No analysis on the potential viability has yet been undertaken but it has been included in order to demonstrate potential benefits in it.   Clearly it would have the same potential in terms of commuting as would be present at the Seafront Development but it may improve business in Cheriton High Street, reduce the call for additional commuter parking at Folkestone West and reduce cross town traffic for local journeys to both Harbour and Leas Lifts.

Potential Phase 2