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Folkestone Harbour Railway Ltd

This will be located at the original Folkestone East station and will, we believe, will hold 500 cars next to the site reserved for a doctor's surgery with access from Southern Way.

Long Stay Car Park

We believe that a single long term car park will benefit visitors in that access will be only a short distance from the A2 and A260 - so no hunting around the town for a parking space.   A single ticket will pay for car parking and travel on the Tram-Train for the driver and up to six passengers carried in the same vehicle.   The Park and Ride will also be a normal station for passengers without cars to travel with appropriate tickets.

Between the Park and Ride and Leas Lifts there will be 6 services each hour between 07:30 and 18:30 with a reduced frequency until the last service at about 23:30.

Evening Parking

Once rail commuters have picked up their cars and day visitors have left the park and ride will be a good place to leave cars and take the Tram-Train for an evening out.   We will work with local businesses to see if discounted travel deals can be offered that would allow a more frequent evening service to be viable.

Short Stay Parking

We do not believe that car passengers spending only a short time in the town centre would wish to change to using the Tram-train and will continue to use the "Short Stay" cars parks close to the town centre.

Park and Ride