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Remembrance Sunday 2014 RLA wreath on extreme right.

RLA chairman presents Dan Garung with our cheque in support of their proposed memorial.

The monstrosity built across the vidaduct tracks in the name of art-Yeh Righto.

Archive News 2014

Site of the former harbour branch carriage sidings.

November 2014

RLA AGM 2014

We were going to organise our 2014 general meeting in December . However owing to the commitments and non availability of directors during this month, we have had to move it to January 2015! We will confirm the exact date and venue over the next couple of weeks on this page and there will be a mail out to members. Please note that as is customary ,there is no monthly member's meeting in December. The next one will be on the last Thursday of January as posted at the head of our home page above.

Things To Do

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Other News

It has been brought to our attention by Folkestone Harbour Company that they are not responsible for the projected demolition of the harbour station- evidently because Network Rail have not yet transferred ownership because of freeholder identification difficulties. This with reference to the upper part of the line, above the inner harbour. This has effectively stalled any track lifting and given Folkestone Harbour Company the perfect cop out line of saying that 'The harbour station's nothing to do with us'.RLA 30-11-14

Website News

Well I guess this is a first- The Remembrance Line Association website now has a latest news section!  We must thank our treasurer David Harvey for keeping the website ticking over for what seems donkey's years on his very limited available time-we salute you! Anyway at last we have found someone with the skills and a little spare time to keep us up to date with the world and visa versa. That person just happens to be Steve Whittingstall who has stepped in to make all the difference by generously taking on the roll of webmaster. As well as possessing the correct IT skills , Steve is an heritage railway professional, a true Folkestonian and very much in tune with our campaign.

Project News

The re-establishment of a foot passenger ferry service connection with Boulogne has been directly/indirectly added to our portfolio.

Since our last mail out the small team who have been fighting the campaign of a lifetime against what really by the DfT's own admission has been a fait  accompli. To get to grips with our approach you really need to download our objection to the railway closure(click at the top of our home page)-it's all in there. We also challenged Folkestone Harbour Company's ripping up of the track on the harbour arm before an official decision was ratified on the future of the branch. The DfT were thrown into disarray for a few days while they made up some excuses and got the supposed backing of 'Ministers' to thinly rebuff our information. We also made a last ditch appeal to the Rail Regulator-who finally endorsed the DfT's closure proposal. Well, we needn't have bothered - the establishment stood fast and the answer was closure!

Having said all of this, our objections were purely academic - there is no way that we could actually get complete control of the branch line if Network Rail were in the picture. So on a slightly different tack our bid continues unabated.


With our current membership hovering around the 500 mark it's great to know,in spite of our sporadic communications, that they are all still behind RLA and its aspirations concerning the retention of the Folkestone Harbour Branch Railway.

Other News

Other matters over the recent months and weeks included our £500-00 donation to the Gurkha memorial soon to be erected in Folkestone. We made our presentation to Gurkha Dan Garung at a fund raising event held in Folkestone Town Centre during May 2014. We by our privileged  purpose laid a wreath at the Folkestone War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday earlier this month. The honours this year were carried out by RLA chairman Richard Moffatt and leading Member Jean Reed.

More updates will now  follow on a regular basis.

The RLA  Committee Nov '14