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Folkestone Harbour Railway Ltd

Remembrance Sunday 2014 RLA wreath on extreme right.

RLA chairman presents Dan Garung with our cheque in support of their proposed memorial.

The monstrosity built across the vidaduct tracks in the name of art-Yeh Righto.

Archive News

Site of the former harbour branch carriage sidings.

2015 News Archive

News Update - 17/05/2016

RLA Vice Chairman's very special early high speed train arrival !

Fantastic news for RLA vice chairman Henry Bolton-after his recent disappointment at just missing being elected as Kent Police and Crime Commissioner- the early arrival of his new baby girl Victoria in very special and unexpected railway circumstances- which made the national news! Henry and his wife Tatiana were on their way,for the birth, to a pre booked maternity hospital in London. Victoria obviously had other ideas and duly was born on the High Speed Train in platform 13 of St Pancras Station!

News From Folkestone Harbour.

Both bridges now demolished May '16.jpg

It now has been confirmed that Folkestone Harbour Company have now been reported as recovering the freehold of Folkestone Harbour Station, the swingbridge and the viaduct where it crosses the water and as far up as the Rocksalt Restaurant . FHC have lost no time over the last few weeks in demolishing the two decrepit footbridges (which were actually dangerous) over the line in the station. Currently the railway track itself is still in position. Photo by Andy Cadier shows demolition of the second bridge-a standard Southern Railway item, which clearly has concrete cancer.  The other image,also courtesy of Andy, now gives a clear view inland towards the Burstin Hotel both footbridges having now been totally removed. 

Our campaign continues. 

R. Moffatt

May '16 Footbridge coming down..jpg

News Update - 14/11/2016

Nov '16 - Latest 'developments' at Folkestone Harbour.


Over the last few days track has now actually been lifted from the viaduct/swingbridge.

Mark Robey's photo from the 'Disused Railways' fb page clearly shows the dismantling which has been taking place. We now have it on good authority from the pages of the Nov '16 edition of 'GO FOLKESTONE' magazine that the viaduct and swingbridge are being totally renovated with shot blasting ,repainting and repointing on the list of works. More to report on this shortly.

A. Cadier Nov '16


News Update - 14/11/2016

Nov '16 - Latest 'developments' at Folkestone Harbour.

Some pictures here of the current work on the harbour arches and the swingbridge.  Lots of brand new scaffolding clamps on the swing bridge and timber stacked nearby, suggesting it may become a boardwalk with the track here shown with an odd length of conductor rail to apparently be left beneath.  Thus suggesting this is a temporary arrangement, rather than pulling the track and laying tarmac, possibly for the Triennial.  This work appears exclusive to the up line. Rumours abound regarding track removal-but it lingers on. (All photos by Andy Cadier)

A. Cadier Nov '16

News Update - 14/11/2016

Nov 13th '16  This year's Remembrance Day Tribute-Folkestone War Memorial.

Prominent Remembrance Line Members Rodney Hughes and Rosemary Dadson

laid our wreath for this year. A few images here by Andy Cadier to record the event.

A. Cadier  Nov '16

viaductstaircase16.JPG Triennial staircase Nov 16.JPG swingbridgeNov16.JPG Remembrance Sunday 2016 (1).jpg Remembrance Sunday 2016 (2).jpg Remembrance Sunday 2016 (3).jpg Remembrance Sunday 2016 (4).jpg