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Green hybrid community light rail transit on Folkestone's Historic Harbour Branch Railway

Welcome to The Remembrance Line Remembrance Sunday 2014 RLA wreath on extreme right.

'Southern Queen' moored  in the foreground  with Pannier no.4630 working hard on the viaduct. Photo Dennis Ovenden.

The new walkway/track over the swingbridge by Folkestone Harbour Company. Photo A. Cadier.

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Preserved Folkestone Harbour Station running in board - having an airing and clean up. Photo R. Moffatt

The imposing steel structure of Radnor St. bridge. Photo R. Moffatt

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Nov '17 - Latest 'developments' at Folkestone Harbour.


Even though this news section has been silent for around a year,  the Remembrance Line Association has continued with its monthly meetings apace. Earlier during 2017 the RLA  committee was consumed with dealing  with the implications of Folkestone Harbour Company's Harbour Revision Order and the perceived consequences for the harbour branch. However in spite of the Harbour Company receiving their Harbour Revision Order with impunity -the railway infrastructure has survived - actually incorporated into the harbour area improvements. Even the rails have been left in position and the main station canopies restored after a fashion , but nonetheless to a high standard as with the viaduct over the water,the swingbridge and previously the harbour arm itself. 

These events initially  produced an atmosphere of uncertainty with regard to our next moves, resulting in multiple pushing back the date of our pressing next General Meeting. Thankfully recent developments within the prospective fortunes of RLA will conceivably make our persistence and tenacity worthwhile. Watch this the meantime...

Photo - Andy Cadier


Nov '17 - Latest RLA developments


Remembrance Sunday soon comes around and 2017 was no exception. RLA members Margie Stone and Helen Newnes do the honours by laying the RLA wreath at Folkestone War Memorial. The weather was bright and crisp on the 12th and all went well until just before our two ladies were about to walk up to the memorial - then suddenly there was a loud explosion. Everything came to a standstill and  much eye contact was made until the local police chief announced that a short circuit had occurred in an electrical box outside Debenhams and there was no need to panic. We all carried on! Fate does pick its timings! RLA Nov. 2017

Photo - RLA


Nov '17 - Latest RLA developments


RLA has always had an interest in maritime matters and recently our interest has been stimulated. It was realised that the Folkestone Pleasure Vessel (and Dunkirk Little Ship) 'SOUTHERN QUEEN' was apparently at risk and languishing at Ramsgate in the boat yard.We organised a trip to go and see her.Members John Powell , Elizabeth Halstead and one other travelled to Ramsgate to see her. We feared the worst when we found that she was just not there! We needn't have worried - her owner certainly realises the holy grail status she possesses and has moved her to the Medway for the time being. To cut a long story short  he is looking for an organisation to own and restore her- we stand poised but realise that the future of the vessel comes first whatever happens. Fingers crossed! RLA Nov. 2017

Photo - Dennis Ovenden The Photo below depicts 'Southern Queen' in the foreground during 1959. In the background is ex Western Pannier  no 4630 hard at work on the branch line.

RLA - at last a way forward...

Remembrance Line Association members, friends and supporters - as it is now well and truly in the public domain and we are delighted to announce that we have created an exciting opportunity to acquire the Folkestone Harbour Line between Folly Road level crossing and the Folkestone Harbour Company boundary adjacent to Radnor Street. We have the backing in principle of Folkestone Town Council who agree with our intentions for the line which are based around:-1) Community Transport 2) Community Benefit. We hope to commence negotiations with Network Rail Property Division within a couple of weeks. Need we say, even though we have available funding, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. We need to considerably boost our financial reserves and levels of practical assistance in the very near future. Just dealing with the authorities alone is a very expensive business. We cannot go into too much detail at the moment before we establish the exact demise boundaries. What we can say is that as well as the railway formation which is about level with Tram Road the parcel of land includes a large section of the land bound part of the viaduct. Whatever happens initially there's still a way to go, with many issues to deal with - yet here we are after a 10 year slog. Thank you to all who have kept faith with our campaign and helped keep RLA alive and kicking and made way for our first genuine chance to bring  current plans to fruition.

We are now in a position to publish a plan of the entire site which we propose to acquire and believe is included in the relevant demise. A good proportion encompasses much of the land bound section of the viaduct including the steel bridge over Radnor St., which will require complete restoration. Expensive ? Yes - we exist to raise whatever funding is required.

Exciting Times - News will be published on this page as it happens.

In the meantime our colleagues out at Sellindge from the Kent Coast locomotive Group  have been dusting down the Folkestone Harbour running in board which we displayed on the harbour signal box for the final two steam tours to visit the branch  back in 2009. It's a remarkable artefact and preservation survivor-still bearing the scars of having been used as part of a pig pen at nearby Lyminge! Amazingly it was accompanied by many other station signs from Folkestone and the Elham Valley Line- all sharing this dubious honour! Thankfully they were all rescued.  The Harbour sign is owned by RLA member Colin Mitchell who has generously loaned it to us for the duration.


The Remembrance Line Team - Jan 2018

Harbour Branch - Revised - 2.gif WP_20180105_12_11_44_Pro.jpg


In light of the Corona Virus epidemic all Remembrance Line Association meetings  -  monthly or otherwise are now suspended until further notice.

This includes our AGM which was to have been held on 24th April '20 .  

Your committee would like to thank the members who have regularly attended our monthly meetings. We intend to reconvene as soon as it is safe to do so and in the meantime wish all our members and supporters well.

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